I am always open to consulting projects or personal coachings in the area of machine learning and analytics.

My main areas of expertise are customer intelligence, marketing automation, personalization, pricing, and procurement optimization with a data-driven / algorithmic approach. I have a very good functional knowledge of data analysis, pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, simulation, and bootstrapping.

I can design and implement predictive models in the above mentioned areas in different environments: Python, R, SAS, SPSS, or Matlab. My preference tends towards distributed systems with Python.

I also offer my expertise as an independent coach if you would like to get the objective opinion of a third-party before commiting to large projects in the area of data analytics.

Please get in touch with me via the contact page to discuss your use-case or if you would like to hire me for a coaching.

I am happy to work on a pro-bono basis for non-profits and other charitable organizations.